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Saratoga NY DWI Lawyer

Saratoga is my home county and the bulk of my DWI cases are located here. Like everywhere else, DWI cases are prosecuted aggressively. First time DWI offenders are usually offered a reduced charge to DWAI. The office does have an official policy  restricting plea bargains for repeat DWI offenders. The DA (District Attorney) also shares an alliance with MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Driving). There is no blanket rule restricting plea bargains when a BAC is high (like in Albany County).

The prosecutors in Saratoga are very professional and good at what they do. Unlike a case in Rensselaer or Albany County, when a defendant contests a DWI charge here, the DA's office will devote formidable resources to the case and it will move along quickly.

There are a couple of things that I should praise the Saratoga County DA for when it comes to DWI cases. First of all, the ADAs (Assistant District Attorneys) listen to the defense attorneys. They are willing to recognize problems with a case. In the past I have been able to obtain plea bargains for repeat offenders or reductions to non-alcohol offenses by contesting cases and exposing weakness. 

The Saratoga DA does not have a win at all cost mentality. Unlike other DA offices, the ranks here are not packed with fresh faced recent law grads eager to chalk up a win. To their credit, Saratoga County prosecutors recognize that sometimes justice requires special treatment of certain defendants. For some, the collateral consequences of DWI convictions can be especially devastating such as those with military careers, professional medical workers, commercial drivers, non-naturalized residents, etc. It takes work, but in the past I have been able to negotiate deals that help avoid the disastrous consequences of DWI convictions by demonstrating to the prosecutor that the harm of conviction outweighs irreversible damage to a defendant's livelihood or career that a conviction may cause.

Finally, the Saratoga County DA recently started considering felony DWI offenders who qualify for participation in the Felony Drug Court program. The DA deserves praise for showing compassion for obviously severe alcoholics.

My office handles DWI cases primarily in the Capital Region and Greater Capital Region of New York. Counties include Albany, Greene, Rensellaer, Schenectady, Saratoga, Warren, Washington, Schoharie and beyond.

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