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We have a great deal of experience handling DWI (Driving While Intoxicated) cases in New York. We try to do better than simply hold your hand while you enter a guilty plea. Many of our cases are contested and we have a record of achieving positive results. Rarely do we see cases that we fail to find problems with. That is because effectively defending DWI cases requires knowledge beyond the basics.

DWI is a misdemeanor offense in New York. However, if you have a DWI conviction in the past ten years or there was a child under 16 in the vehicle (Leandra’s Law) you will be charged with felony DWI. The vast majority of DWI cases in New York are misdemeanors and are resolved by plea bargaining. The defendant agrees to plead guilty to a reduced (non-criminal) charge of DWAI (Driving While Ability Impaired) in return for not taking the case to trial. In some cases, plea bargaining makes sense. A first time offender can quickly put the ordeal behind him or her, and maintain a drivers license.

Because the ability to drive is essential for most folks you must be aware that at your first court appearance, the judge will suspend your license if you do not resolve the case. In New York State, we have the Prompt Suspension Law. This law says the judge must suspend your license “pending prosecution” meaning that while the case is pending, you can’t drive. However, a good DWI lawyer can prevent the immediate suspension and keep you on the road.

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